Blogging: Interactive? Why No Response?

I subscribe to RSS feeds from a few blogs and am a regular contributor to A Customized Viewpoint so on some level I will label myself a “blogger.”  So, why is it that I have never posted a response – even when I have something I was  just “burning” to contribute?  By the way, I have emailed the author or forwarded to a friend, etc., so it’s not like I never react to blog content. Now that I am actually seeking interaction through this blog, I decided to at least put some thought into why no response?

Top 3 Reasons I Don’t Respond to Blogs

No time.  I’m lucky to get them scanned, much less actually type a response.

I don’t understand.  Okay, so if I do post this response, who will see it, and, will it be available for view in archives (like forever) or does it go away once the initial posting goes away?

Membership?  No way, I don’t need another membership just to comment on a blog.

Okay, so there it is…,

How about you?  A response?