Living a Balanced Life – Time Management

Our “theme” this month is innovation and change; Check  the post entitled “When in Rome, Don’t Do as the Romans Do.”  Today’s viewpoint might actually spur some thoughts toward a CHANGE for you Type A’s out there:

The primary thought here is that if we get really good at time management, we might actually have more time for relaxation and the “fun” of life.  Of course, this can backfire for those of us who truly don’t know when to stop working.  More hours in my day?  More hours to get things done!  So, at its core, the concept of balance has to be embraced!  Let’s just say we do agree that it would be desirable to have more balance, or, more hours to relax, unwind, exercise, watch a movie, etc.

One of my favorite business writers, Jeffrey Gitomer, has this to say about time management:

“Time management – what’s important now?

Lessons in time management are pretty much a waste of time.  You know what to do.  You even know when to do it.  What you need is a lesson in procrastination.  Or lessons in higher self-image.  Or a lesson in fear of rejection.  Or a lesson in preparation.  Those lessons will allow you to execute the things that in your own mind you believe you, “don’t have time for,” but in reality you are just avoiding them.”

One of the traits I like so much about this writer’s style is that he’s blunt, to the point, excuses nothing and accepts no excuses.  Of course, there are days I would rather protest that he’s wrong, that, in fact, I just have TOO MUCH TO DO.  No amount of time management would help?  But, then I read the one about preparation again, and, yes, I do take some time ramping up when I don’t have an adequate plan.  Or, I can add one more…..when I don’t know HOW to do something, I procrastinate and the entire time management cycle is thrown off and slowed down if not stopped while I dither and get distracted by whatever is in front of me that I DO know how to accomplish.

Customized Intern, Aurora Velez, did some research on the topic and she offers these three “Quick Tips” for breaking the cycle, using time more effectively and “moving toward the activities you enjoy”.

Quick Tip #1

Write down all your goals for the Next Day the previous night

Quick Tip #2

Turn off all electronic devices and communication.  Just use what you really need to accomplish your task;  paper, computer, etc.

Quick Tip #3

Set a schedule for all your work tasks and do not stop until you have completed each task – no cheating – one task at a time

A balanced life leads to a healthier you!