A Balanced Life – A Healthier You!

It’s March and high time to shed the winter hibernation coat!  There are many ways to approach the loss of this extra weight.  Some are extreme and would not be characterized as “healthy” methods to reach a healthier you.  Starvation dieting, bulimia, pills, liposuction are some examples.  Thankfully there are other more moderate methods to reach the same results.  Within the walls of Customized, there are more than one approach to this age-old goal of fitness, weight loss and better health.

Norberto Velez asked himself the question, “How long does a body last?”  This was motivation for him to change his outlook on eating and exercising, always keeping the end in mind.  His process involved hiring a trainer who provided a good foundation for a solid approach to losing weight.  That was the “plan” motivation.  For the “execute” motivation, he suggests, “Go to the grocery store and pick up a five pound bag of sugar.  Visualize the number of bags that represent the weight you need to lose. Now imagine the ease and freedom of movement, not to mention waistband, without those bags of sugar!”

Simple math tells us that one pound is equal to 3,500 calories. If you want to lose a pound a week, which is deemed sensible for most people with no physical conditions or limitations, you have to cut your intake of calories and/or increase your calories burned through exertion every week by just that amount:  3,500 calories.

If you have an extreme diet, ripe with drive- through choices or rich foods and alcohol, you have a clear path for your first step to improvement.  Also, if you find yourself sitting more – whether bound to an office chair, car seat or couch, your path is clear.  LOTS of veggies and grains, and 10,000 steps each day will almost guarantee that you start to see baggier pants, more energy and the number on the scale heading in the right direction.

I decided on just a tinge of extreme within normal limits….or at least that’s what I’m telling myself.  For 21 days (only 10 days and counting to go) I’ve eliminated the “Big 5” from my diet:  sugar, animal products, caffeine, alcohol and gluten.  Wow.  Even typing the list makes me a little nervous!  So far, so good, I’ve received multiple compliments on my glowing skin and how well rested I look and I do find I am sleeping (a lot) and better.  It’s definitely not as difficult as I anticipated. In addition to the cleanse I  added the 10,000 steps and yoga to my routine (probably explains the sleeping a lot!).

Norberto and I are both seeing results, while the only thing we are both doing exactly the same way is the 10,000 steps.  While I chose a more extreme start to my nutrition efforts, his extreme efforts have been in the gym.  Some really awful sounding thing that’s a combination of a push-up and a jumping jack?  Oh, and how about reverse sit ups?

Varied methods and programs, same goal – a healthier us!