A Reflection on Disappointment

Recently Customized was nominated by one of our customers for recognition.  Our nomination was for Supplier of the Year (in one of four company size categories) through the Northern California Supplier Diversity Council.  We were, of course, truly honored that this customer would identify our service as worthy of this award.

We didn’t win.

So what’s the appropriate response?  Obviously we believe we earned and were a good choice for this award.  Disappointment is inevitable and the question becomes, “Why didn’t we win?”

By reviewing the list of nominees in our category, we realized that each of the other companies are also fine organizations.  They operate with integrity, and, in this case one thing we noted is that they are fully ingrained into the Minority Business Community.

Through life’s disappointments, don’t you find that there is usually a take away?  Our lesson learned:  Mirror success!  We’ll be paying close attention to those companies who got to give acceptance speeches, and, hopefully we will find ourselves in the happy position of being nominated again, maybe even in the next size up!