Happy Mother's Day…..Celebrate!

I can say with certainty that 100% of you reading have or had a mother!  Even if, for circumstances you did not design, you never knew her, you had one!  And, for those of us who are truly fortunate, we have our Mom available and can wrap ourselves around her this Sunday.  For some, that hug will be long distance and will take the form of a card, call, flowers, or other special delivery.  And, for others, it will be time spent together with the woman who gave birth to us or raised us as her own.

There are many odes to Mothers more eloquent than anything I could pen, but, I will take a few words to describe my sweet Mom, Sadie.  She lives in Welaka, Florida, population 500.  I grew up there and it was (and is) a small, rural, sleepy town on the St John’s River.  My parents moved away after I started college, but, returned to retire there.  Welaka’s river views are some of the most beautiful and it is still very much “old” Florida. Mom hates cold temperatures and the hot and humid climate suits her well.  Sadie is very much a Southern lady.  She is soft spoken, kind, well mannered, creative and can grow anything as well as put a wonderful meal on the table with little notice or planning.  She tracks environmental incidents, ponders global crisis, worries about the future, worships, loves greatly and cares for those in her family and community on a daily basis.  Her life is rich. 

Complaining is not part of her make-up, although she has earned the right.  For the past 28 years, off and on, she has battled breast cancer.  Sadie defines “survivor”.  Her courage and faith is amazing to those of us who truly know her and her petite frame hides more strength and stamina than a person twice her size should have.   She fits in the chemo and lab dates, doctor visits and other required appointment s with minimal disruption to her and my dad’s schedule.  Together they spend time with friends, volunteer, garden, feed sandhill cranes and other birds that populate the area and give Lucy the Labrador a great life.  

I’ll be back in Welaka for Mother’s Day this year, allowing me to spend time with my mom and dad as well as my 20 year old son.  I am an only and mother of an only.  Maybe this is one of the reasons we are so close?  Maybe not, but, I do know when you have small families you appreciate them!  So, I’ll close with an encouragement to wrap yourself around your Mom – however you choose or can.  I’ll make sure I give plenty of hugs on behalf of some of you who can no longer do so!