Rain, Rain….

Rain is a variable thing, right?  It is May, almost June and it is still raining.  Historical patterns show that San Jose, CA, has an average rainfall in May of less than a half inch.  Peak rain is in January…..but, when you look at the actual historical table, there can be some rain every month. And, that brings me to one troublesome aspect of lots or very little rain and the world of building and facility management. 

Yesterday’s a great example.  It was drizzling to say the least…umbrella optional for the walk from car to door.  Shoes picked up moisture from pavement/sidewalk and even though I did the rainy day shuffle outside before stepping in, the minute I hit the tile, I was out of shuffle and into full disco moves I haven’t visited in YEARS.  All in an attempt to stay upright!  I did, thankfully, no broken hip, just a bit less dignity and a bruised ego as I am sure I looked quite ridiculous with arms and legs flailing about seeking balance. 

Mats are the answer!  A good mat program can prevent 80% of the soil that comes into a building from ever reaching the inside.  How’s that for improving appearance and indoor air quality? And, if this isn’t reason enough, a good mat program can eliminate awkward dance moves at the front door or worse, a slip and fall.  OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration – U.S. Department of Labor) stats show that slip and falls are the second leading cause of fatalities, second only to auto accidents.  Other statistics vary, but show that between 8 million and 9 million incidents occur each year.  Average cost of a slip and fall with injury is $25,000.  A fabulous mat program with artwork and company logos suddenly looks like a SMALL investment:  A good mat program is a must!

Helping to select matting is one of the ways we partner with property and facility managers.  We would love to work with you on this enhancement to your building entrance which can beautify as well as support your overall building safety program.