Who Are We Without Our Stories?

I recently attended the memorial service of a good friend, David J. Kaplan.  Dave was a Property Manager with Fremont Properties in San Francisco and we worked together off and on for many years.  The title of this piece, “Who are we without our stories?” is under a wonderful picture of Dave on the printed memorial card.

It is Dave’s stories that I want to honor. He had a true gift – with few words he was able to have a big impact on many.  As a world traveler and accomplished photographer Dave would entertain with stories of his travels.  When he described a rain forest adventure, you could feel the moisture, smell the smoke from distant fires and hear the native drumbeats. He would continue into an area much deeper than casual travelers would dare – really get to know the people and culture.  Adventure was in his bones, but caution ruled…….he always came back.

He also told tales from the world of business and many times the theme would be the same….he would be incredulous that someone could be caught up in something so petty as to lose sight of the big picture.  It’s such an important reminder.  Dave really knew how to appreciate what he had, right now, right here, in the moment.  He touched me:  he made an impact:  he left a legacy.  For all of this, for his stories, I told Judy at the service, “he had a piece of my heart.”

It’s appropriate to close with a quote from Dave…..he ended an email to me with these words,

“Take good care – kiss your wife and boys for me……….the rest is BALONEY!!!!!!!”

David J. Kaplan