This was the message from the executive offices in the last edition of the Customized Quarterly, our employee newsletter.  Norberto Velez, President, offers his reflections on the issue of time and how we choose to spend ours.



Every Friday before I turn off the lights and computer, I take a deep breath and reflect on the week’s events and accomplishments.  I ask myself whether I accomplished the things I wanted to.  Then, my focus goes to Monday and the preparation for those events.  Instantly, I realize that I have two days, Saturday and Sunday that I’ve not given much thought to.

Is it because I don’t value that time?  Is it because I am just so focused on work?

It reminds me there are three types of time:  Time for work, time for family and time to grow.  All are equally important.  Time for work means the things I must do to fulfill my obligations as President of Customized:  planning my days, following up with customers, and always having the best interests of our employees in mind.  I must confess that I have no challenge in spending time in this area because of my passion for the mission of Customized which is creating healthier working environments for our customers and for our team members.

Time for family is the second category and I have to constantly remind myself to make this a bigger priority.  It seems like it was yesterday that my boys were riding around on skateboards and they are now leading their own lives.  Learn from me: value the time you have with your loved ones, because time does not stand still for anyone. Take time to teach, take time to encourage and take time to love your children.  I’ve heard it said that the hand that rocks the cradle rules the world.

The third and final type of time is time to grow.  Growth as a person happens to each of us differently.  For me, I find that by volunteering and by giving back of my time I grow.  It opens my awareness to needs of others.  Within Customized we’ve had several people who have volunteered their time and efforts to enrich the lives of others.  A recent example was employees who volunteered along with a team from one of our customers with the Rebuilding Together organization to make a difference in the lives of strangers.  Customized team members have partnered with Rebuilding Together on a number of occasions and we know they do an amazing work in this area.  It doesn’t matter, however, where you choose to volunteer…you can take time to read to children at their school or library, you can volunteer within your place of worship or within your community.

Just remember that time is something that should be valued rather than taken for granted…it doesn’t matter the day you were born or the day you die…..it’s the dash in between that determines the legacy we leave behind.