H1N1 – The 2009 Pandemic: Where Are We Now?

As you may remember, the Spring of 2009 was the genesis of the outbreak of H1N1 (swine flu) which resulted in some pretty attention-getting statistics. Throughout the period from April, 2009 to April 10, 2010, the estimated number of hospitalizations is listed as 274,000 with deaths listed at 12,400 on the Center for Disease Control (CDC) website. The site reports that these statistics are likely underreported due to many factors and the number of cases of swine flu in this time period is estimated at 43 – 89 million.  Normal reporting of cases and details on a weekly basis via the CDC’s FluView, happens from May through October.  The last report for the week ending May 28th has been archived but reported 3 confirmed pediatric deaths from H1N1 for that week. These statistics provide a compelling reason to take normal precautions to prevent the spread of germs, viruses and disease on a regular basis, not just when flu is in the news.


Customized is recognized as the Cleaning for Health company.  With the rapid surge of cases of H1N1 flu in 2009, we found ourselves on the front lines of the fight, partnered along with the clients we serve.  With an informed and aggressive program of cleaning and disinfection we were able to support our client companies in their efforts to maintain maximum productivity and reduce the number of cases and thus lost work days.   We rapidly geared up with information about what Customized as the cleaning contractor can do, and, provided reminders from the CDC about what we can all do to stop the spread of this (and other airborne) disease. 

While the role of custodial service worker can, at times, be looked upon as a laborious job, the H1N1 virus brought a renewed awareness of the value of this role in preventing illness and promoting healthy work environments when the job is done really well.  We salute these frontline workers in a relentless (everyday) battle for better health!