Just In Case…Emergency Preparedness

Fall seems to be a great time for review of plans.  If it’s holiday plans, we have a reason for anticipation and if it’s tax plans, we still have a couple months for course corrections if needed.  But what about plans for “just in case?”

Having made the transition from hurricanes (East Coast) to earthquakes and fires (West Coast) only recently, it became clear to me that we really get complacent with the “evil that we know.”  Hearing of an impending storm while living in Florida, my preparations were simply to listen a bit more closely to the news.  I rarely took the recommended precautions of having food and water on hand, never considered evacuating – the one preparation was to have candles and matches and an oil lamp on hand.  I had lived through storm after storm with minimal effects and became “immune” to the warnings.

Shortly after moving to the Bay area, I experienced a small earthquake.  That was a first and it got my attention!  I was now paying attention in presentations on emergency and disaster preparedness, making sure I had survival basics on hand and for once, I had a plan. This is the time of year that I revisit the supplies, make sure that I am clear on how to turn off utilities in the event of an event, and just review the basics. 

Maybe you have reached the level of complacency regarding earthquakes, fire and the more common West Coast events that I had reached with hurricanes.  I hope not, but, if so I would urge you to just take an hour or so and review the basics (links below to some helpful sites) and make sure you and your co-workers and you and your family have basic supplies and plan knowledge….just in case.