Cause A Disturbance

skipping stone.1Several weeks ago I attended a BOMA luncheon. This was BOMA’s annual meeting in which several people are  invited to speak on the “state of the economy” as it relates to property managers and  owners. The invitees are mainly Brokers and make up the panel to present their predictions. This year the panel was bit different from past years. This panel consisted of one-Broker, one-sustainability representative, and one investor; a refreshing approach. The Q&A was also different; rather than “lots of stats” the conversation was centered on sustainability and investment and very little statistical information.

I always try to walk away from any event with something that I will benefit from or makes me better. For me, the highlight of this event was something the investor said in his presentation. He said, “investors always invest in things that cause disturbances”.  This resonated with me and I have since challenged myself and the Customized Team to step out of the box of routine thinking and to be a disturbing force!