Happy Earth Day from Customized Performance, Inc!

Earth Day became officially recognized in the United States in 1970 and was celebrated by more than 20 million Americans.  This was a time in our history when the environment really wasn’t part of daily conversation!  A new level of awareness, changes in America’s use of toxic chemicals, reduction in pollution and a national focus on sustainability are indicators that we are making progress.

Earth Day Network reports that 1 billion people in 192 countries celebrate along with us, so, from all of us here at Customized, Happy Earth Day, 2013!

Cleaning Industry – Size and Scope Alone Should Mandate Green!

  • Size of Sanitary Supply and Building Services Contracting Industries

Having worked in the commercial and industrial cleaning world for most of my career, I forget sometimes how large a group this really is.  In a few weeks the cleaning industry will gather in Orlando for one of the largest Tradeshow and Educational events within this business segment.  The ISSA/Interclean Show (http://issa.com/?id=north_america_2010&utm_source=hpb&utm_medium=web&utm_campaign=NA%2B2010) held in conjunction with the Building Services Contractors Association International (BSCAI) Convention is expected to register 14,000+ attendees who come together for educational sessions and the most comprehensive look at what’s innovative and new in the cleaning world.  Granted, this show attracts from outside the U.S. but the numbers give an indication that we are a LARGE group!

  • Impact on Environment through Products Produced and Consumed

Stephen Ashkin, recognized leader and author on the subject of green cleaning, provides these statistics  in an article located on FMLink  website from March, 2009.   These products are produced, used and disposed of by the commercial and industrial cleaning market of the U.S. on a yearly basis.

  • 6.2 billion pounds of chemicals
  • 4.5 billion pounds of janitorial paper products
  • 1 billion pounds of janitorial tools, supplies, and equipment which fill approximately 40,000 garbage truck loads that go into landfills.

These numbers make a great case for a business segment the size of the cleaning industry to recognize the significance of their impact on Mother Earth.  Less chemical, more sustainable paper products and alternatives to the more “disposable” equipment, tools and supplies are readily available and preferable to the old standards.  The Cleaning Industry is becoming more environmentally responsible, but, there is clearly more work to be done.


To read the entire Ashkin article on FMLink, follow this link:


Happy Earth Day, 2010!

In researching a few fun facts about Earth Day, I found it has been recognized since 1970!  So, for 40 years there has been a yearly call to pause, think about, and do something that leads to a more habitable planet for us and especially for our  generations to follow!  It was originally founded by Senator Gaylord Nelson of Wisconsin and was promoted as an “environmental teach-in”.  When’s the last time you heard about an “in” anything?   Sit-ins, love-ins, teach-ins…..those were the stuff of the sixties!

But, having endured for 40 years, Earth Day will be celebrated again on Thursday, April 22, 2010.  I urge you to do something good for planet Earth!  Making life better for future generations is certainly a worthy pay-off, but, there are also things you can do to make a difference in your own budget’s bottom line at the same time you are having an impact on the future!

These suggestions are not original, but, were pulled from several websites including Microsoft and Starbucks.

  • Dispose of electronic waste properly.  EWaste drives are in the news at this time of year.  We participated in a drive with one of our customers last Friday and I was amazed at the amount of product that was collected.  HOPE Services makes drop-off pretty simple in Silicon Valley and South Bay and is a GREAT organization.  I’m including the link to their website listing drop off locations.  http://www.hopeservices.org/foundation/ewaste.htm
  • Replace traditional light bulbs with CFC’s.  Lasting 10X longer, using 25% of the energy of traditional bulbs, they will cut energy cost by 50%.
  • Buy and use a smart power strip.  This is your safeguard for electronics that appear to be “off” but, are pulling a “phantom load” which increases your energy use and cost!  They sell for around thirty dollars.
  • Buy organic fiber clothing.  Earth-friendly farming that is herbicide and pesticide free is the goal here. 
  • When you shop, carry reusable bags!  Grocery store trips really add up when you’re taking all those plastic bags home.   A few cloth bags in the trunk and you are always prepared.

These are some ways that we can make simple changes that have a large impact.  And, if we all just make one change it is hugely significant!  Even back in 1970 the estimate of people who observed Earth Day was 20 million.  

What have you done and will you do?  I think I’m going shopping!