Management Team

The Customized Management Team has been carefully developed to contain a mix of personalities, background, and experience to ensure that our vision and purpose are continually challenged and evolving as goals are achieved. Dynamic and enthusiastic about this vision for Customized, each member of the Management Team brings a unique perspective on the industry and contribution to the organization. Leadership is focused on the challenge of rising to the next level of excellence and to answering the question, “what’s next?” The three commitments Customized runs by are: a corporate commitment to Sustainability, a commitment to support and mentor within the Minority Business community, and a commitment to the real keys to our success, our Service Employees.

This Team has years of experience in facilities like yours, and, with a long history in Silicon Valley, it’s possible that one or more of our team members has at one point had a direct experience within your campus here or in one of your locations throughout the country. With a wide range of facility types in our Client portfolio, from childcare centers to the most rigorous class of cleanroom operation, our Team is familiar with the challenges that come with operating a company like yours and is ready to help.

Leadership Team

  • Norberto Velez, President
  • Tony Prado, Senior Executive Vice President
  • Doris Ibarra, Human Resources
  • Jose Garcia, Accounting