Our Mission

Customized Performance recognizes the individuality of each of our clients, which is why at Customized we customize a plan to fit your needs.

While a team of experienced staff and the finest equipment found in today’s janitorial industry, we know that our clients need more. They need the quality assurance and customer service that builds loyal long term relationships.

  • All Customized Performance employees are subject to background checks, and are thoroughly trained in safety and security procedures before being placed on your site.
  • Reliable account managers assigned to your campus to handle all of your needs, requests and expectations.
  • Customized Performance employees receive ongoing, client-specific onsite training and supervision.
  • Quality audits of cleaning standards, one-on-one supervision and specialized product ordering ensure quality and individualized service.
  • Quarterly feedback audits protect your site and ensure long term satisfaction.
  • All Customized Performance employees are trained in emergency procedures and are prepared to act quickly in the event of an unexpected crisis.