Customized Performance has a high customer retention level – a success measured not only by client satisfaction, but also by our long term commitment to protecting their assets and preserving their facilities.

Anyone can clean a building, but we at Customized Performance offer more: the dedication, training, experience and relationship based management that your business should expect from any custodial service.

Your building, equipment, furnishings – and most importantly, your staff – all depend on a clean working environment in order to remain healthy and productive. Customized Performance preserves your most valuable assets by protecting them from all contaminants that can potentially harm them.

We guarantee you:

  • Full service janitorial and custodial management; guaranteed quality service
  • Fully trained team to efficiently manage allergens, mold, dust and chemical contaminants
  • Security-focused hiring and training practices, including background checks and on-site training
  • Flexible service schedules, tailored to your firm’s specific needs and budget
  • Member in good standing of the International Facility Managers Association (IFMA), Building Services Contractor Association International (BSCAI) and the International Society for Pharmaceutical Engineering (ISPE)

We offer customized maintenance plans to meet the needs within your facility. We recognize that each facility is different, so we tailor our menu of services to meet the demands of your specific environment.

Challenges Multiple Facilities Have in Common

Fungi, Yeast, Mold, and Bacteria

Today’s Life Science Manufacturing facilities deal with an increasing prevalence of fungi, primarily yeasts and molds. While the pathogenic varieties constitute only a small percentage of the thousands of known species of fungi, the presence of any type of mold or yeast in one of your cleanrooms represents possible contamination. Although bacteria and viruses do not survive for long periods outside a living host, fungi, yeasts and molds can thrive on just about any surface including areas of your cleanroom. Fungi have been discovered living within the walls of controlled environments and even on writing tools used in controlled environments. The warm, comfortable and humid environment required for keeping a variety of plants and animals also creates favorable conditions for the growth of mold. Unless the mold is controlled, it can damage plants and sicken or even kill animals. Many animals are also subject to the same infectious agents that sicken people, so it is important to keep contaminants to a minimum in the controlled environments designed for animal study. Plants can also suffer from the presence of fungi, especially those that may have developed resistance to ordinary cleaning products.


Cleanroom facilities in the Medical Device and R&D industry face an increased risk of contamination from other parts of an operation. The accidental integration of a compound used to make one component of a combination product can cause serious problems if in contact with a different component. Research projects can fail to provide accurate or desired results and can have devastating effects on a project’s budget.

Bacteria Resistance

Research projects can be altered by microorganisms that develop resistance to biocides. Responses to biocides depend on a number of factors, including the species of organism. To overcome evolving microbes, the use of chemical disinfectants to decontaminate is extremely important. Moreover, sporicidal agents may be required as not all typical cleanroom disinfectants are effective against fungal spores.

Dirt, Residue and Particle Build-Up

Dust and other particles, also referred to as particulates are too small to be satisfactorily removed by the air filters in your cleanroom, thus they pose a risk to your operation and the integrity of your product. Nonvolatile residue and other types of molecular contamination can pose risks to your products and the equipment used to produce them. It can also affect your employees productivity, create potential hazards and cut into profits. Maintaining a pristine environment ensures maximum product yield, which can have a tremendous effect on your profits. Even small increases in yield can result in millions of dollars in additional annual revenue.

Electrostatic Charges

Improper cleaning techniques increase the possibility for electrostatic discharges that can potentially damage your microelectronics. Maintaining an environment in which electrostatic charges find it hard to build up reduces the risk of encountering an electrostatic discharge and decreases the likelihood that contaminants will cling to surfaces in your cleanroom.