Contamination Control for Bio-Tech and Pharmaceutical Companies

As a Bio-Pharm or Pharmaceutical company you are responsible for creating products that focus on improving people’s health. Using delicate subject matter such as live systems or organisms and chemical elements, makes product safety and integrity of the highest concern.

To maintain intact environments, companies invest in having cleanrooms to work in, but having a ‘dirty’ cleanroom defeats the purpose of its use. Often it is seen that cleanrooms don’t get cleaned enough because given their name people assume they are always clean, clean themselves, or don’t need cleaning. This can lead to contaminants such as fungi, yeasts, and molds to grow undetected for long periods of time. Coming to find contaminants in your research or product process can be devastating and can result in setbacks to years of dedicated research and delay drug and treatment approvals.

Our Controlled Environment Team understands the strict requirements and the regulations set by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration that you must meet. Customized Performance shares your concern and commitment to product safety and is ready to help.

The Controlled Environment Team of professionals knows the importance of using the proper disinfectants to overcome the resistant contaminants and protect the integrity of your cleanroom. We use the latest micro-cleaning techniques and keep current on the latest regulations. You can count on us to  make sure your cleanrooms are maintained efficient and effective.

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