Contamination Control for Nutraceuticals

Manufacturers of supplements and nutraceuticals must meet strict requirements in production manufacturing. The professionals within Customized Performance’s Controlled Environment Team make it their business to stay current on the latest Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs) established by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for nutraceuticals and supplements. To help you maintain your competitive advantage we ensure your cleanrooms and other controlled environments are always spotless. Your controlled environments will exceed the standards implemented by government agencies.

You should feel secure knowing our cleaning and decontamination professionals will put their expertise to work in your facilities, always adhering to the guidelines that regulate and guarantee the quality of your product.

Our micro-cleaning and decontamination experts understand the challenges specific to your operation in order to maintain the pristine conditions in your cleanroom or controlled environment. Our professionals know how to select the proper disinfectants to overcome the resistance of particular contaminants and ensure the integrity of your final product.

Customized Controlled Environment Services will evaluate the cleanrooms in your nutraceutical facility to make certain microbial contaminants and particulates remain below acceptable levels. We work in conjunction with local labs in the case testing is required, to ensure accuracy in determining an estimate of what may roam in your controlled environment.