Contamination Control for R&D Labs

Research and Development Labs conduct innovative research or experimentation pertaining to their laboratories specific interest. Working in laboratories calls for the most delicate caution. There is no room for errors in research or experiments, for this could implement severe setbacks, miscalculations and potential hazards.

Due to the multitude of different environments found in these facilities, R & D labs are highly exposed to cross-contamination and the development of resistant bacteria.

In order to maintain your competitive advantage, you must have cleanrooms and controlled environments that are free from any contaminating agents. While you have considerable capital invested in your cleanroom and its contents, your cleaning and decontamination is of equal importance to assure you get the maximum life out of your products.

We understand that your controlled environment is essential to your work on the next breakthrough in medicine, science or electronics and we share with you the concern regarding the integrity of your research. This is why at Customized Performance, our micro-cleaning and decontamination experts never lose sight of our mission; to provide our clients with service that exceeds expectations.