Contamination Control for Medical Devices

Medical device production facilities focus on manufacturing devices aimed at getting a specific result on a person or animal yet cannot be metabolized by such subject.

Medical Device facilities have a variety of different environments and concerns specific to their product. While one manufacturer may supply a number of medical devices and have a rapid growing demand for their products, another manufacturer may need to maintain operations for creating both sterile medical devices and pharmaceuticals. The merging of these two development processes creates additional potential for problems, such as cross-contamination and regeneration of biocide resistant bacteria.

Another challenge that has been experienced by some medical device manufacturers is Cosmetics. That is, the product is fine, functional and safe. However, due to non-viable and harmless particle matter, the product will not be acceptable and will need to be reworked or worst yet, rejected after you thought it was done!  Our Controlled Environment Team of decontamination specialists can work with you to improve product yield and avoid all potential setbacks.

Your company’s goal and mission is to create products that better the quality of life for millions of people. Safety is one of your highest concerns — as it is ours. We share your concern for the safety of your customers, your employees and the well-being of your business. This is why we make sure our controlled environment cleaning meets even the most detailed standards.

Our highly educated, Controlled Environment Team can be your resource of information about the best products and cleaning methods for your environment. They will examine your currently established procedures and help you develop Standard Operating Procedures (SOP). At Customized we also know many clients have invested in demanding SOP’s and schedules to ensure they are producing pristine product. Customized is ready to carry out tasks according to your requirements.