Contamination Control for Semiconductors

Technical manufacturing environments require the must current and advanced cleaning technology. As we see our technology industry expand, we see come to see technical manufacturing companies begin to pop-up more frequently, especially here in the Bay Area and Silicon Valley. Most of these companies focus on the production of semiconductors, solid substances that ease conductivity between metals and insulators, for a vast amount of devices. But working with small and delicate materials requires a lot of focus and thrust that one is working in a clean environment free of any particles or residue that may lead to unwanted electrostatic charges.

Without proper cleaning and operating procedures, contaminants can seriously affect your product yields. We share your concern for the quality of your products and our contribution to this important facet of your business.

Customized’s Controlled Environment Services helps you maintain your competitive advantage by ensuring that the cleanrooms and controlled environments in your facility are always nothing less than spotless.

We are the micro-clean and decontamination experts. Our professionals know how to select the best cleaning materials to remove particles, reduce electrostatic charges and ensure the integrity of your cleanroom. Our mission is to keep you happy and provide service that exceeds your expectations.