Contamination Control for Vivariums

Any enclosure kept in semi natural conditions for the withholding of and plants or animals or observation or study, demands the most rigorous standards to control any sort of possible contamination. Vivarium’s face challenges when it comes to maintaining their environment because they have to maintain multiple environments, their own and that of their subjects. Exposing one environment to another, or even small parts of another, can result in drastic results such as severe contamination. Some contaminants like mold, bacteria, viruses, and fungi can be controlled by maintaining your environments clean and knowing which cleaning products are appropriate for each environment. Some contain chemicals that may harm the plants and animals or possibly disrupt delicate symbiotic relationships between microscopic organisms and larger living things.

Without proper cleaning and operating procedures, contaminants can sicken or kill your plants and animals as well as destroy results of months — if not years — of dedicated work.

When you’re keeping living things for observation and research, it is vital to maintain an ecosystem that effectively simulates their natural habitat. Our Controlled Environment Services Team helps you maintain the controlled environment in your vivarium by removing contaminants that can endanger living things. Our professionals know how to select the proper disinfectants to control harmful contaminants without endangering the plants and animals in your vivarium.