Custodial Services

Working with Customized Custodial

For optimum long term results, we advise our clients to consider their custodial and janitorial needs from a facility-wide perspective, rather than as a collection of assorted cleaning jobs — a strategy of environmentally conscious industry practice commonly known as “green cleaning.”

Hallmarked by the use of natural and environmentally-friendly cleaning materials and techniques, a “green” custodial strategy aims to keep your facility preserved in the most environmental and least chemically contaminating way possible.

Our dedication to green cleaning creates cleaner, safer, and more productive environments for our clients by dramatically minimizing contaminants, allergens, and VOC (volatile organic compound).

We can guarantee you:

  • Integrate holistic approach to preserving your indoor environment over the long term
  • Staff trained in the use of environmentally safe and nontoxic cleaning materials, equipment and procedures
  • Cleaner indoor environments, healthier occupants, and preserved assets
  • Compliance with EcoTerm and US EPA green cleaning standards
  • Member of the U.S. Green Building Council

Customized Cleaning for Health Program

We deliver a sustainable program of contract janitorial services to commercial buildings through our Customized Cleaning for Health Program.

Day Porter/Day Matron Services

Many facilities require support during working hours without a full complement of janitorial staff for which we provide day cleaning programs. Possibilities for Day Porter or Matron duties include refreshing restrooms, maintaining coffee/cafe areas, and policing lobby and/or parking areas. Together we can work to develop a day support schedule that meets the requirements and budget for your facility.

Carpet Care

Our Utility Crew technicians are trained to handle carpet programs which include routine maintenance, restorative care, and, emergency services. Both the process and chemical utilized are CRI approved. Our goal for your facility’s floor covering is for the fabric to remain resilient and looking new for as long as possible so it doesn’t have to be replaced prematurely. Asset preservation and minimizing disruption are both benefits of an effective carpet care program. Let us survey your facility and recommend a care program that will assure you get the full life from your carpet and that appearance alone is not the driver of the replacement schedule.

Floor Care

Floor care is a component of the work that our Utility Crew technicians perform regularly.  Their smooth implementation of our sustainable program of floor care allows us to provide interim and restorative practice for our clients according to a predetermined schedule.  In addition, we are able to support clients by providing specialty floor care programs.  Our Crews have expertise in restoring and maintaining:

  • Stone Floors; Marble, Terrazzo, Slate, Granite
  • Tile; Mexican, Brick Pavers, Ceramic, Porcelain
  • Wood; gymnasium floors
  • Rubber; Mondo, Pirelli
  • Synthetic; vinyl, Pergo
  • Polished concrete
  • Electro Static Dissipative Flooring
  • Raised Floor Tile
  • Asbestos Tile

No matter the floor covering, our trained technicians have the experience take care of it.

Day Cleaning

Day Cleaning is a program that Customized has recommended and successfully implemented. For those companies who can turn the lights off for 10 hours, this green and cost saving program is becoming more popular and increasing in acceptance, as more companies are beginning to see huge energy savings.


  • Cost Savings
  • Energy Savings
  • Increased Security
  • Increased Customer Satisfaction
  • Improved Quality of Life for Day Cleaners
  • Greater Productivity
  • Improved Quality
  • Clean building